Legacy Living

We’ve created a quality of life for our residents — “Legacy Living“.

24-Hour Service Guarantee

We guarantee that we will respond by phone, email or in-person to your request for service. Scheduling and providing the solution for non-emergencies may in some instances take longer than a day but we promise not to leave you wondering what we are up to and when we’ll meet your request.

Convenient Ways to Pay Rent

Your welcome to come into the office and enjoy a beverage or cookie and say, “hello” or if you are in a hurry, you can pay online. Whatever option works best for you – works for us.

Good Neighbor Policies

We strive to serve our neighborhood as well as the residents of our community through being a good neighbor. Our resident policies outline specifics like noise, trash and using amenities such as the pool. It’s not because we are trying to put a damper on good times – it’s just that by being clear on what’s allowed (or not) we lay the foundation for serving our residents and neighbors better. If you have any questions or need clarification, simply reach out to your Community Manager or Service Manager for details.

Legacy Living Resident Rewards

Out of appreciation for your referrals – many of our communities offer “Legacy Living resident rewards”. To get the scoop, please contact your community’s office for details.

“Legacy Living” – W3 Lifestyle National Apartment Designation

Pegasus is proud to be recognized by W3 Lifestyle as “The Best of the Best”. What does this mean to you? This means that our communities, staff, management company and properties are consistently evaluated, and have exceeded, their very high standard. We are the only company to have all our properties holding this designation. We strive to create communities and homes, not apartment complexes. There is a difference.

Preferred Method of Communication

Do you prefer email or a phone call? Do you like having face-to-face interactions or does a letter in the mail works best for you? To the degree that it is feasible, we want to communicate with you in the ways that you prefer. That’s why letting us know what you prefer and keeping us up-to-date on changes to your contact info matters. As Jerry Maguire said, “Help me – Help you.” One more thing – there are a few instances when we need to contractually use the mail or written communication as the way we inform you of an upcoming event or change.

Resident Insights

We measure our success by your satisfaction and referrals. That isn’t just lip service – we really do. So, if you: